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Wilderness Tails Encountered
Trail Break and a Scare!

While ATV riding with a friend deep in the woods of Wisconsin we stopped on the trail near some trees overlooking thick briars. Out of the still and silence of the woods an animal came barreling through the thickest vegetation imaginable. It was thrashing about and shrieking at the highest pitch possible. It scared the crap out of us and we could only stand their to try to see it. We could only see the brush being shaken. Again the shrill sound of its voice filled the air. It was awesome to hear, scary but awesome. My friend who was releaving him self did see it and it was on two legs and appeared apelike to him. We were too afraid to stick around and never went back. We went to warden station and I shared this with one of the officers. He never heard of a local animal making that sound. That is my story and I tell it a dozen times a year.


Do you think this is a true story?
Cast your vote if the writter of this article told a true tail or made it all up.



I don’t understand the question, what are we voting for?

Its simple, we all know things like bigfoot are real and he an his family lurk in the great woody woods of Wisconsin just waiting for the chance to be seen by an ATVer. We realize that some Bigfoot’s are ugly, smelly, curious, just plain bad and sometimes hungry for human flesh. So just for fun; what we are asking you to vote on – did the writer of this tail tell of a true wilderness encounter or did he/she make the whole thing up? You decide - enjoy!

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Club articles are usually reviewed for content prior to posting. Articles re-posted by other sources may not always represent the true spirit of the club. If you find the content of one of our articles questionable, please email us your comments or concerns.


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