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Wilderness Tails Encountered
Terrorized by 'Big Foot', say three youths

"When the story comes out, everyone is going to think we're crazy," Patty, Kim and Dave say they saw a creature - tall, white and hairy - that looked like the legendary Big Foot monster, and it trapped them in a cabin for two days. That's what happened, the three youths claim, and they are sticking by their story whether people think they are crazy or not. The three had gone ATV riding near there folks cabins for what they thought was going to be a relaxing weekend. It turned into what they said was a terrifying experience and a nightmare caused by a mysterious creature that would not let them alone.

An incredible sequence of events started that Thursday. When Patty, Kim and Dave arrived at the A-frame cabin, they unpacked their belongings and that evening went for a quick ATV ride through the woods to a nearby pond. "We heard these deep growls in the woods and we couldn't figure out what they were made by," said Dave. "Whatever it was, it yelled about 10 times in a row." The trio passed it off as some kind of animal and returned to their cabin for the night.

Friday morning, Kim arose before the other two. She went outside the cabin and was sitting on a bench when she thought she saw something watching her from the woods that surround the cabin. "I watched it for about ten minutes. At first I thought it was my imagination," she remembers. But when the creature started moving towards her, she ran crying into the cabin. "I told David what I saw and he said I was crazy and to go back to sleep," Kim said. She told herself it was her imagination and tried to dismiss it. But later that morning she saw the creature again - and this time close up.

"I had gone down the outside stairs and when I got to the bottom I saw it standing next to the ATVs near David’s truck," Kim said. She estimates "it" was only 20-30 feet away. Kim describes the thing as "at least seven feet tall, with huge shoulders." She said it was covered from head to toe with thick, white hair which was "slick, not shaggy." "The eyes were like deep black hollows in its head and you couldn't see any nose or mouth. I was the only one who saw its eyes," she recalls. Kim, crying, ran up the stairs and into the cabin once again. "They thought I was nuts, crazy." Patty next went out onto the deck that surrounds the cabin. "I looked down and it was standing next to the truck, looking up at me," Patty said.

She went back into the cabin and Dave came out, but the creature was gone. Now that two of them had seen the thing, the three decided to call the police. A police officer came to the cabin questioned them, looked around, and saw nothing. "The police thought we were a bunch of crazy kids, but I think the officer who came out believed us. We were scared," Kim said. Friday night, after dark, the creature appeared again. "I seen it at the edge of the woods and I could see the upper half of its body," said Dave. "When I saw it, it kind of bent sideways, then it ducked down and shot out towards the house. I went in and locked the door." That night Patty, Kim and Dave claim they heard noises outside near the vehicles. "We heard crashes and doors slamming and we didn't sleep all night," Kim remembers. "We tried to convince ourselves we weren't crazy."

Finally, when daylight came, the three were calm enough to sleep. In the early afternoon, they woke up. Kim says she saw the creature again early Saturday afternoon while she was putting make-up on outside the cabin. Later that afternoon, Dave had gone for a ride when the girls claim they heard the creature outside the cabin. "We heard clawing on the outside of the cabin and pounding, so we ran out while it was on the other side, jumped in the truck and got Dave. When we got back, nothing was there," Kim said. When the sun went down Saturday night, the three youths decided to lock the doors. "As soon as it turned dusk, we were locked in until Monday morning. It just terrorized us, like," Kim said. Dave said the three could see the shadow of an animal walking back and forth in the light from the cabin. It was at that time that he thought he saw a second creature approach.

Dave says that when he yelled, he heard the creature break one of the truck door windows. "It could've gotten in. There was nothing stopping him," Dave said. The youths did not have a camera in the cabin so they could take no pictures. In fact, "We didn't want to see it. We were scared," said Kim. But the creature or creatures continued to stay around the cabin, looking in the windows, pacing back and forth in view of the cabin and making noises outside. "We stayed up at night and fell asleep during the day," Kim said. "Sunday night was worst. It got very bold. It was patrolling us, like."

The cabin has living quarters upstairs with sliding glass doors that look out onto the deck. "It came right up onto the deck," Kim said, "and we could see it walking back and forth in front of the sliding windows. We sat there on the couch with axes and hatchets and kitchen utensils for weapons." The youths stayed awake all Sunday night. When morning arrived, the creatures left. When Patty, Kim and Dave arrived home with their story, their family was unbelieving. "I questioned each of them over and their story was the same. I was skeptical at first but I saw fear in their eyes. Kim had to sleep with her mom the night they got back and from what I understand from Dave's mom, Dave has had nightmares about it."

Rolly, who had recently recovered from a heart attack, decided he would go up to the cabin to look around. He enlisted the help of a friend, Gordy. The two men went up to the cabin the following Saturday. They saw no creature but found evidence they say supports the story of the creature. The men found two sets of human-like tracks in mud next to the pond near the cabin. They made a plaster cast of one of the prints. "The rest of the tracks were in the water," Laren said.

The casting shows a foot about 11 inches long with what appears to be six toes. The heel is relatively narrow. "From the way the front of the foot dug in, I would say the animal walks with its weight forward and I would say it weighs about 165 pounds," Laren said. Brehm and Laren said they do not want the exact location of the cabin known. "If people find out where it is you'll have idiot up there with their guns and their six packs shooting at anything that looks like it will turn white," Laren said.


Do you think this is a true story?
Cast your vote if the writter of this article told a true tail or made it all up.



I don’t understand the question, what are we voting for?

Its simple, we all know things like bigfoot are real and he an his family lurk in the great woody woods of Wisconsin just waiting for the chance to be seen by an ATVer. We realize that some Bigfoot’s are ugly, smelly, curious, just plain bad and sometimes hungry for human flesh. So just for fun; what we are asking you to vote on – did the writer of this tail tell of a true wilderness encounter or did he/she make the whole thing up? You decide - enjoy!

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