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Guided Trail Tours
Would you like to go for an ATV / UTV ride?

North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. ATV / UTV Club guided trail rides is the most popular event. We rotate throughout our area selecting trails, planning out routes and simply mixing things up a bit - just to use the excuse "its time to ride!!!". Either way its a chance to get outdoors and experience some of Wisconsin's most excellent ATV / UTV trails.

How do guided trail rides work?

Riding in a group is no different than riding with your friends, with some minor exceptions. 

To start with, we simply determine how many drivers are participating. Everyone in the group goes over some simple trail guidelines and safety points. As well as hand signals used by the trail boss and you as the driver in the group.

We make sure each driver knows how many other ATV / UTV's are behind and in front of him/she machine. This is important, as we do not want anyone to feel they will get lost. The safety member checks each drivers machine for loose items, ties downs, head protection for children and proper registration.

Once the trail boss signals, the drivers start their machines and the trail boss sets the pace for the ride; at which time we ask each driver to stay in line and maintain no less than a 15 foot distance between machines. The safety member takes up the last position in the group.

The trail boss will use hand signals to tell the group riders when to go and stop or if danger is ahead. In addition the group makes frequent stops at trail gates and crossings. The group does not continue on until everyone in the group is accounted for and the safety member signals to continue.

Sounds scary? It's not... group riding is the best way to learn how the ATV / UTV trails of Wisconsin are set-up. Riding together as a group helps you to feel more comfortable with the outdoors, the trail signs and your machine. 

And it's fun!!! 

Would you like to setup a guided tour?

Just give us a call and we can help you setup a ride. For our contact information click here.



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