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What are trail supplies?

You mean get some "soda" and munchies before riding your ATV?

NO - Trail supplies are a few minor items which can save you a lot of problems or even your life. Especially if your several miles from the closest person that might help you. Does that sound scary? Well it's not. Trail supplies are simple items which can help you out of a jam in case your machine or even you break down. This is what I mean.....

Let's say it's a beautiful summer day and riding your ATV through the woods, when all of a sudden a flat tire. Now what do you do? Or.... maybe... you drove the ATV through the picker bushes by mistake and your leg or arm gets scrapped - hmmm?

Here is a list of items which we carry on our ATV's while exploring Wisconsin.

I'm not saying all these items are necessary, you decide for your self.

Head - Eye & Mouth Protection 

This is a must list here - don't argue with me. If you are (over 18 years of age) and are not going to wear a helmet - you will need these items:

  • Good Pair of Goggles (not the $9 ones, but a good pair of SCOTT goggles).
  • A bandana - starched! Why? Because you will put this around your nose and mouth before you put your goggles on. This will make your day more pleasurable if it's dusty.
  • Glasses - If you wear contacts - please - trust me here - on a dry day - take them out and put your glasses on before you go riding. Make sure your goggles are setup for glasses under them.

Clothing ?

Ok - this is a common sense part here. You're in the woods - it's dirty - it's dusty - it might be muddy......


  • Clothing is optional - depending on the day - shorts - jeans - you name it - its up to you. What ever you wear that day will most likely never been seen in public again. Trail dirt gets into everything!
  • An old pair of jeans and sneakers or hiking boats and t-shirt is fine. Ladies maybe a lite jacket for those afternoons.
  • Keep in mind the days temperature. Don't over exhaust your self. Dress appropriately!!

Extra Gas

Unless you know where you're riding, bring extra gas with you. At least you'll be able to reach a road or some place where people might find you. I can't tell you how many times I've run across a person stranded in the woods because they're machine ran out of gas!


You don't need to carry a huge supply of tools with you while riding. If the ATV is in good condition, and you haven't lost the tool kit that came with the machine, then these are just the items you may need:

  • The tool kit that is supposed to be on your ATV from the manufacture.
  • Small Crescent Wrench
  • Combination Screw Driver
  • Pliers
  • Duct Tape
  • Some Wire (Tie Down Wire) or a couple of long Tie-Wraps.

You'll thank me the next time your battery cable is loose, ignition wire breaks or something so simply can end your day of fun!

Tire Repair

Those of us that have 12v accessory outlets on our machines can appreciate this list of items:

  • 12v Tire Pump or Hand Pump

  • Tire Repair Kit (little hole)

  • Tire Patch Kit (big hole)

  • Small Knife (sharp not dull)

The tire repair kit is the most important item you will want next to a roll of toilet paper. Without air in your tires you cannot make your ATV go anywhere. And for those of us which fear "walking" this can be a life saver!

The Minor Injury

Ouch! - You drove your ATV through the picker bushes again and your leg is all scrapped up. Well, you can either drive around looking O' so cool with your new wound. Or pickup a few items such as these:

  • Liquid Band Aid ( or spray )

  • Some Gauze & First Aid Tape

  • Aspirin or Ibuprofen Tablets

Most common first aid kits - such as those sold for camping - contain several of these items. 

The Nature Call

Yikes! - That fish jerky and "soda" is not sitting well. You can either use part of your shirt or carry a small roll of biodegradable toilet paper for those big emergencies.

Stuck in the mud

Yes, you where showing off again and now your stuck in the mud. For the utility ATV's a nice winch is a good idea. In addition everyone should have at least a nylon toe strap with good hooks at either end. 

Call for Help!

They don't always work where your ATV is stranded. But maybe you can walk to a high spot and call for help. So bring your cellular phone if possible.




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