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Outdoor Survival Tips
Helpful Tips for New ATV Riders

Outdoor survival techniques are as important in ATV'ing as in hiking or camping. The need to have basic first aid and survival skills is just as important.  

Basic Survival Tips

We have collected some basic survival guides which you should be aware of. Most of the information is - common sense.

Basic First Aid Tips

We have collected some basic first aid guides which you should be aware of. Most of the information is - again common sense.

Panic Attack

When an outdoor accident occurs no matter how slight, or when you realize you are lost, panic is the first reaction we all must encounter and defeat before it brings on more harm. How you handle the effects brought on by panic can determine your rate of success or failure in any outdoor emergency situation. Anyone can become lost or separated. Just remember that you have within you the ability to protect yourself. Survival is a common element in all human beings, we do it everyday in the concrete and asphalt jungles of civilization…now you have to do it in the wilderness. The premise is the same, keep your wits, use your brain. DO NOT PANIC…let your positive self rule your decisions.>

To emphasize the effect that panic has on an individual, let me familiarize you with the "RULES OF 3". Experience has shown that you can only expect to survive a panic induced emergency situation for 3 seconds, you can only survive without oxygen or from severe bleeding for up to 3 minutes, you can survive exposure to excess heat or frigid cold for up to 3 hours and you can survive without food and water for up to 3 days. Panic is your major enemy, panic is the one thing you must overcome at once because panic can and will harm you.

To help you deal with panic lets look at a simple method of handling an emergency situation. Remember the acronym S.T.O.P. Sit -Think - Observe - Plan.

SIT When you realize that you are lost take the time to sit down and collect your thoughts. You are not lost, you are right where you are, your camp, vehicle and everyone else is lost.

THINK What do I have at my disposal both physical and mental that can help me in this situation. Take an inventory of your survival kit items and how you will use them. Take an inventory of your mind, remember what you always thought you would do if you got lost. Most of all remain positive, you will survive.

OBSERVE Look around, is there shelter, water, high ground, are you still on the ATV trail. It will be easier for those searching to find you if you can stay on or near the public ATV trail system!

PLAN Now create your plan of action. Be positive and take care of yourself. If it is late in the day, build a fire for heat and signaling, find or make a shelter against the weather, and most of all remain positive, you do have the ability to survive. You have conquered the major danger of not allowing panic to cast your fate, you can now conquer anything else that confronts you.


This page is provided as a service to North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. ATV Club visitors.  North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. ATV Club can not be held responsible for errors contained in this page or any other section of this website. North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. ATV Club  strives to ensure that all our content is kept up-to-date. North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. ATV Club is an all volunteer organization and please remember North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. ATV Club is NOT offering any legal advice. We are simply trying to raise awareness. As an ATV owner it is your responsibility to know and understand the rules and regulations regarding your ATV and the surrounding community. Lets all try to work together to educate each other.



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