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Safety and Responsibility
As an ATV rider you are responsible for the safe operation of your machine. However, most of us forget that we also have a civic responsibility for the safety of others, especially children. Simple things like reminding other riders to bring their helmets, discouraging riders from attempting any trail they are not completely comfortable in navigating and riding in groups are just a few small things that can be a big help.

Safety is every riders responsibility!

We encourage you and your children to take an ATV safety course. Only through proper instruction can children learn to ride responsibly and safely. Below are a few pages from the Wisconsin DNR ATV Student Safety Course instructional booklet:

Protective Clothing

Starting Up

  • Starting Out
  • Basic Riding Skills

Before You Ride

  • Trouble Shooting
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Preparing for Long Trips

Intermediate Riding Skills

  • Climbing a Hill
  • Going Down the Other Side
  • Traversing a Slope
  • Tailgating and Towing

Tread Lightly and Safely

  • Different Terrains
  • Reading the Lay of the Land

Riding Through Water and Mud

  • Riding in Snow

Trail Riding

  • Speed and Handling
  • Dune Riding

Sport and Environment

  • Enjoying Nature on your ATV
  • ATV's and the Environment

Facing the Unexpected

  • Map and Compass
  • Handling Emergencies


  • ATV Operator's Code of Ethics
  • Basic ATV Safety Code
  • ATV Laws
  • Crossing Roads
  • Registration


The only place anyone can ATV or enjoy any other activity with no regard to anything, acting as if it were your God-given right to do what and as you please, is on your own property. Once you leave your property, you automatically assume the responsibilities inherent in being a guest on someone else's land.

The public use of private lands is a privilege. ATV'ing has benefited from the willingness of private landowners to share their lands. Many landowners have come to view the local ATV club as a means for them to open their lands with some degree of confidence that the land will be treated with consideration. In many areas there is a positive, friendly, working relationship between the landowner and the club.

However, this relationship is threatened by the inappropriate use of private lands. More than ever, land users need to show they care by doing their part to protect the privilege of using the private lands. Clubs are aware of this, as are most ATV'ers who are members of clubs. On private or public property, "show you care" means treating the land the same way you would want someone else to treat your private property: with respect.

On trails throughout Wisconsin, messages are appearing asking ATV'ers not to abuse this privilege or loss of trail will result. Club grooming activities are more and more being relied upon to provide an incentive for riders to stay on the trail, not stray off looking for smoother surfaces. Many clubs use this time of year to thank landowners for allowing the club the use of the land for an ATV trail. Be sure your club is doing all it can to ensure a positive, working relationship with the private landowner.



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