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Global Positioning Fun
Discover Wisconsin Points of Interest

The GPS (Global Positioning System) device comes in many forms; from the in-car navigation to the hand held device many ATVers use on the trail – to smart phone app’s that do mostly the same.

The backbone of GPS (Global Positioning System) is a group of satellites orbiting Earth. A GPS receiver locates four or more of these satellites, and by calculating the distance to each, infers its own location on the planet. This capability, paired with mapping software like Google Maps, allows drivers to punch in a destination address and receive directions from an automated navigator, all the while following their progress on a computer screen in real time.

The GPS can be a great way to discover new places in Wisconsin. Whether in the car or on the ATV trails in the deep dark woody woods of Wisconsin – a GPS can take you to new and exciting places. The North East Wisconsin Riders ATV/UTV club uses GPS devices each day to plot ATV trails and exchange information with club members. This page provides a starting point for "waypoints" places of interest in Wisconsin and GPS "tracks" which have been uploaded by club members.

The information is free to use – enjoy:

(GPS Tracks & Maps Coming Soon) Wisconsin Points of Interest

How do I use GPS coordinates?

It makes no difference if you have an in-car GPS or handheld GPS or smart phone app – simply click the option to manually enter the longitude and latitude numbers provided. Your GPS device will show you the way.

The GPS numbers are provided in several different formats – each represent the same location on the planet Earth. The different formats are available to accommodate the many different kinds of GPS available.

How do I use GPS track data?

The GPS "track" data hosted on the club’s website can be imported in to your handheld GPS device in several different formats. Many GPS devices come with free of charge software that you can use with your personal computer to load "tracks" or maps.

Please take a look at your GPS user manual for specific details on loading maps and waypoints. It will be well worth the reading to use this information.

The GPS numbers are provided in several different formats – each represent the same location on the planet Earth. The different formats are available to accommodate the many different kinds of GPS available.

What will the map look like?

The track data downloaded from the club site can be used to build a map that looks like the image to the right. It shows a track from Gillette,WI to Mountain to White Potato Lake and back the Suring, WI

An ATV/UTV rider can use this map to guide them along the trails of Wisconsin. The map data can be shared with other riders exploring the same trail system. Riders should note that a local club trail map should be used in conjunction with the GPS maps to ensure the route is a legal ATV trail and roads are properly marked with route signs before following the same track.

When using "waypoints" of "points of interest" coordinates along with the map data – riders are able to judge where gas stations and other services maybe located along the trail. Some riders also post points of interest like scenic overlooks – unique resting spots other riders may enjoy.

There is also a game called geocaching – which uses a GPS to hide trinkets along ATV trails. Riders will use the information to search out the small containers which may hold non-valuable trinkets or simply a guest book for seekers to sign. It’s a game which is both exciting and another excuse to go ATV riding in Wisconsin.


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