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ATV Certification
Available Course Information

The North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. ATV club teaches both an
in class and hands-on ATV training course. The all-terrain vehicle
safety course consists of two days - three hours of instruction
each day. Some courses include an out door hands-on session.
Where students bring thier ATVs to a closed 1 mile course. Instruction emphasizes the importance of ATV regulations, ethics, personal safety, and the proper use of all-terrain vehicles.

Classroom Course Objectives

  • Protective gear.
  • How to name the main ATV parts and identify safety features.
  • Understanding the steps in a pre-ride inspection.
  • Troubleshooting minor problems.
  • How to start, shift and operate an ATV.
  • ATV handling; how to brake, park and turn at various speeds.
  • Riding skills; how to safely climb, descend, and traverse a slope; crossing different terrains.
  • ATV's and the environment; first aid, emergency situations, and survival skills.
  • Regulations, responsibility, and ethics.

Hands-on Course Outline

This is a certification course in which participants will learn and practice basic, safe operation of an
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The course follows the ATV Safety Institute Rider course requirements for orientation to safety and riding.

  • Introduction and overview of the safety equipment
  • Pre-ride check: Reviewing the parts of an ATV & maintenance
  • Safely starting the engine, braking and placing in gear
  • Riding in a straight line
  • Steering, turning, shifting your weight, and shifting gears
  • Traversing and turning on a small incline
  • Negotiating and riding over debris
  • Basic trail sign recognition

You must provide your own ATV for this portion of the course.

Online ATV Quiz
Answer Student Questions

ATV Certification has become a necessary requirement to operate your ATV on public trails in Wisconsin. The North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. organization is fully trained and licensed to teach you and your children. To help you see the benifits of ATV certification, the club has put the actual student safety booklet questions on the club website. Try to answer at least 80% of the quiz questions correctly and post your high score.

Try the online quiz today . See how much you know about this exciting recreational activity.

Class Schedule
ATV Classes Offered

Below is a list of available classes scheduled for this year. Pre-registration for all classes is available up until the week before the first class starts. Why? We may not receive your check in time for the first class.
Click here for contact information.


At this time - There are no ATV education classes scheduled. The club usually has at least two course scheduled for the up coming year. If you have at least 10 students committed to taking an ATV education course, please contact us or check back later for annual course schedules.


Student Statistics
Progress Report

The student progress report will help you decide if our ATV education class is right for your son or daughter. We track the locations (City, Town or Villages) where the students reside. The information helps us to tailor our education program to best fit the trails in those area's. Many of the students complete the course exam in about 20 minutes with scores averaging 90%.

Click here  to view the latest statistics.



All ATV operators, including nonresidents who are at least 12 years of age and
who are born on or after January 1, 1988, must obtain a DNR safety certificate.


All ATVs are prohibited from emitting noise that is more than 96 decibels.


No person or agent is allowed to tamper with an odometer on ATVs.
Tempering includes; failing to connect, removing, disconnecting, altering or resetting the meter
to show inaccurate miles/hours. Odometer service, repair or replacement is permitted;
however, the agent/person must adjust the meter to reflect the previous miles/hours.
If correct adjustment is not possible, the owner/agent must affix a sticker to the ATV
indicating the previous miles/hours.

All-Terrain Vehicle
Student Safety Course



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