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Help Support Us
Make a donation today, we need your help!

North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. organization is a non-profit volunteer ATV club.
A $10 or $20 donation may not sound like a lot of money, but it does help us when our only source of income is a donation.

Your donation helps us to:

  • Develop new trail systems.
  • Maintain existing trail routes.
  • Purchase safety training equipment.
  • Educate youth and beginners.

For More Information

Can't make donation, how about donating your time? Check our calendar and donate a few hours at our next work date. We can always use extra helps to cleanup trails, trim tree's or brush out a new trail for everyone to enjoy.

Helpful Stuff
Flat Repair On The Trail

Anyone who has been riding will experience or has experienced a flat on the trail. A flat has no conscience as to where or when it will occur, but rest assure, when it does you will need to be prepared. Now by no means is this a reason to panic. It usually can be handled without a great deal of difficulty. Do I hear an air leak?

[Read more...]

Survival in the Wilderness
Building a survival shelter

Building a survival shelter is an absolute priority, if you face a survival situation in harsh or unpredictable weather. A good shelter must protect you from the elements and be comfortable enough for resting and sleeping. Most people cannot survive unprotected from rough weather for more than a few hours.

[Read more...]

Join the Wisconsin ATV Association
Help keep the sport of ATV'ism alive and safe!

The Wisconsin ATV Association is driven to preserve, protect, and expand the benefits of this uniquely structured and legislatively authorized Wisconsin registration program that provides our citizens, our businesses, and our out-of-state ATV guests with a trail riding experience that is one of the premier ATV destination attractions in the entire United States.

Click  here  to join or for more information on this organization.

The North East Wisconsin Riders ATV club is a member of the Wisconsin ATV Association and fully endorses this organization. Members of the club and the board of directors also subscribe individually to help further support the need for a strong voice on be half of this sport. We encourage everyone interested, active or occasionally using ATVs to join this organization.

ATV Certification
12 Years old and want to ride your ATV?

Do you have 10 or more students wishing to obtain there ATV certificate? We can setup a class just for you. Our experienced volunteer instructors don’t just read the course book out loud – we guide the students through the material using screen projection videos – actual trail examples and interactive quiz’s. Parents are welcome to attend. Check out our education section for students which have passed our classes. Try the online quiz to see how knowledgeable you are.  Click Here!
We do need 30 days notice and within a reasonable travel distance. Classes must be held at a public facility where alcohol is not served and restrooms are available. Classes cannot be held at private residence. Students should be at least 11+ years of age. Out door hands-on training and ATVs can be provided. Autistic or deaf child services also provided with 45 day advanced notice. Course length is 3 hours per day over a 2 day period. Students receive temporary certificates at the end of the course ready to ride.

Guest Book
Sign our guest book - where are you from?
Tell us where your from! Read what others have said about the club or the website. Leave us a message or suggestion to help us provide you more information. How do you like the club rides? Are we doing a good job or is there something we can do better.

Give us an excuse to torchure our web guys or recreation officers. What can we do to make the sport of ATVism more exciting and fun for you? Click Here!

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Sign the guest book tell us where your from  here.

al in manitowoc, wi
will have an atv in the near future and come to your area to ride. great web site.

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