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We know a lot of people who don’t want to look like fools when they’re shopping for ATVs. Jokes aside, as much as we hate to sound and look like an idiot who knows nothing about buying an ATV, remember that you have every right, as a consumer, to ask as many questions that you want and if the ATV dealer knows good business when they see one, they’ll do everything they can to give you the answers.

Every ATV dealer should make every effort to train their sales people so that they can answer customers’ questions. This is an important part of customer service. If the sales person appears unsure of the answer but makes an obvious effort to ‘find’ the answers for you by calling others or asking around, give the sales person extra ten brownie points.

So, instead of wondering and keeping mum, ask the ATV dealer your deepest and darkest concerns. It’s better to know right from the start. An ATV is an investment…a long term one. It would be difficult (and expensive) for you to change the ATV later on. Yes, you can sell of the ATV you bought to the ATV dealer as a used ATV and get a new ATV but this takes time and zaps your financial resources while waiting for a potential buyer. Why put yourself through such a hassle if you can get it right the first time.

Granted, we have to admit that even if the ATV dealer provides you will all the answers that you are looking for, there is no guarantee that you’ll like EVERYTHING about the ATV. Most of us buy an ATV from an ATV dealer we trust that is as close to the type we want. Some of us spend some money modifying and changing parts of the ATV after purchase too. But the idea is for the ATV dealer to provide you as many answers as possible so that you can hit as close to bull’s eye as possible.

The role an ATV dealer plays in the process of purchasing an ATV is undeniable. If the ATV dealer provides sub-standard customer service, you’re better off getting your quad from someone else who is willing to take your money.

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