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Wisconsin Trail Patrol Program
Trail Ambassadors Promote Safety

If you ride All-Terrain Vehicles in Wisconsin, you may come across them.
Or, if you're lost, they may come across you.

They're certified trail Ambassadors—volunteers who ride the trails of northeast Wisconsin. You'll also find them on popular ATV trails in other parts of the state. There are over 300 Trail Ambassadors statewide.

Randy Harden, president of the Wisconsin ATV Association (WATVA) in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, came up with the idea for Wisconsin Trail Ambassadors in late 2001.

 Harden saw that kids were getting safety training and being taught to wear proper safety gear, but when they got out on the trails they saw adults who didn't have that same concern for safety. At that point, all that safety training the kids got just undid itself, Harden says. So he thought that educating adults on the trails would help.

State lawmakers apparently agreed, since they authorized the trail patrol and funding. Your ATV club has several certified trail ambassadors which patrol the ATV trails. But, we are always looking for more!

What is a trail ambassador?

A trail ambassador serves three main purposes:

  • He / She helps to protect the ATV trail system by patrolling the trails periodically to monitor and alert authorities to possible ATV violations.
  • He / She helps to protect the ATV'ers by patrolling the trails to alert emergency services and/or to render basic aid to stranded or disabled riders.
  • He / She helps to educate both young and adult ATV'ers through training and public assistance. 

Don't worry, it's allot more fun than it sounds.

How do I become a trail ambassador and patrol the ATV trail system?

Trail Ambassadors must be state Department of Natural Resources ATV safety instructors so that they are experts on ATV rider safety. They also get training in laws related to ATVs, and learn how to approach people safely on the trails.

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Insurance & Services group (NOVIS) provides free training several times a year. All you have to do is contact our club and we can find you the earliest and closest location to take the course.

But what's in it for me?

For you? Are you serious? Our ATV trails are precious investments for the clubs and you. Without these trails, clubs like ours, would have NO place to ride ATV's. Ok - Yes, there are some parks that allow ATVs in them. But, you have to admit - riding in circles on a 40 acre park gets boring fast. So, as a club - we construct new trails for our members to explore and enjoy. Now, there are some people out there that, well - like to cause trouble. Yes, it's true!

Toss into the mix, private land owners allowing clubs to cross there property. What do you think would happen if trail ambassadors didn't patrol the trail systems and alert authorities to ATV violations. That's right - we would loose our trails quickly. It happens every year - someone does something stupid and the next thing you know - "Trail Closed" is posted. 

Now, consider your child or your friends child riding along on an ATV trail and there machine breaks down or they get hurt.... Would you feel safer knowing trail ambassadors are out there patrolling those very same trails aiding in that child rescue?

That's what's in it for you....

Please help us to help others and join our trail patrols.

We are always looking for more help!


Contact us about becoming a certified Trail Ambassador
and patrol Wisconsin's ATV Trails with us.



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