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ATV / UTV License Plate
Rear License Plate Specifications

On April 2nd, 2012 Governor Scott Walker signed the UTV program & ATV enhancement (SB354) bill into Wisconsin Law. Part of this bill changes how ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) & UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicles) are registered for public trail riding in Wisconsin. A big change is the requirement for a rear license plate - you must mount on your recreational vehicle; a rear license plate the DNR will not be providing. You, as the owner, will need to furnish this rear license plate while following some very specific rules on its construction.

License Plate Design Specifications

SECTION 34.  23.33 (2) (c) 2. of the statutes is created to read: A person who is required to register an all−terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle for public use shall attach his or her own plate to the rear of the vehicle and shall affix a registration decal, furnished by the department, to each side of the vehicle in a place that is forward of the operator of the vehicle and that is in a place that is clearly visible. The plate shall be a minimum of 4 inches in height and a minimum of 7 1/2 inches in width. The plate shall be white and shall display, in black lettering, the registration number for the all−terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle issued by the department. The registration number shall be displayed so that it is a minimum of 1 1/2 inches in height, with a minimum of a 3/16 inch stroke. The person required to register the all−terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle shall maintain the plate so that it is in legible condition.

To start with – First, if you have not done so already – will need to register your ATV and/or UTV with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and obtain your two registration decals.

Second, looking that the registration decals – locate the first four numbers and last two letters on the decal. This is your permanent registration number for the recreational vehicle registered. These numbers and letters will remain the same for the life of the machine. Every two years when the registration decal is renewed, you shall receive the same numbers and letters. These are the numbers and letters which will need to be displayed on the rear of the ATV / UTV.

Next, you have the option to construct or purchase a license plate frame to mount on your ATV / UTV: Search the Internet – there are several online stores which are selling pre-fabricated license plates with number and letter decals included. Some riders have used a local print supplier to have a vinyl decal printed and affixed to the tail gate of the UTV or adhered to a tin plate which can be tie-wrapped to the rear ATV rack.

The license plate must be mounted and adhered to the rear of the ATV / UTV in a location which is visible to law enforcement. The license plate must have the same registration number & letters as your up-to-date registration decal. Please do not attempt to confuse or make a mistake on the contents of the plate. Law enforcement will make random stops on the trail verifying your registration papers, decal and license plate match correctly. Failure to comply may result in a fine, removal from the trail or worse.

There are several online options to choose from:

HARDLINE - Professional ATV License Kit

Hardline Products :Hardline Products ATV/UTV License Plate Kits - $16.95 Hardline Products ATV license plate kits give you what you need to fulfill your off-road registration requirements. These all-encompassing kits include an impact-resistant license plate available in plastic or aluminum, complete mounting hardware, two sets of 0-9 numbers, and one set of A-Z decals. The plates are specifically designed for ATVs and are engineered to resist fuel, fading, and scratches.
American MFG® ATV License Plate

American MFG® ATV License Plate $9.97 - Plastic License Plate - 4 x 7 1/2" license plate that won't fade or discolor - Two sets of 0 – 9 numeral decals - One set of A – Z letter decals - Complete mounting hardware
MOOSE Utility Equipment

Internet Search: Moose Racing License Plate Holder $11 Online Ordering – 4" x 8" you provide your own letters which can be purchased at any hardware store – look for mail box letters. Usually sold by the letter or number.

Check with your local ATV club – As a member of the club – they will help you find a license plate option that best fits your recreational vehicle.

License Plate Deadline July 1st, 2012

The deadline for this new requirement is July 1st , 2012. Law enforcement will begin checking ATVs – UTVs on the trail for proper rear license plates. They will match your registration paperwork with the up-to-date registration decal on both sides of your ATV or UTV – they will compare those numbers to the license plate on the rear of your machine. They must match!

I know it’s a huge pain have to put this ugly thing on our recreational machines. But it must be done to ride on the public trails in Wisconsin.

The North East Wisconsin Riders club has been told that law enforcement will begin checking July 1st, 2012 – they know it will take some time for everyone to comply with the new change. For the first 30 days you will be stopped, asked to show proof of registration and will be schooled O’ so many times on what needs to be done. This will be a hassle and I’m sure by the second time you’ll be itching to put a plate on your machine to stop getting stopped.

We suggest getting done now, better now than later during the busy holiday season when you know law enforcement will be looking for you.




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