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Help Support Us
Make a donation today, we need your help!

North East Wisconsin Riders Inc. organization is a non-profit volunteer ATV club.
A $10 or $20 donation may not sound like a lot of money, but it does help us when our only source of income is a donation.

Your donation helps us to:

  • Develop new trail systems.
  • Maintain existing trail routes.
  • Purchase safety training equipment.
  • Educate youth and beginners.

For More Information

Can't make donation, how about donating your time? Check our calendar and donate a few hours at our next work date. We can always use extra helps to cleanup trails, trim tree's or brush out a new trail for everyone to enjoy.

Global Positioning Fun
Discover Wisconsin Points of Interest
For More Information

The GPS can be a great way to discover new places in Wisconsin. Whether in the car or on the ATV trails in the deep dark woody woods of Wisconsin – a GPS can take you to new and exciting places. The North East Wisconsin Riders ATV/UTV club uses GPS devices each day to plot ATV trails and exchange information with club members. This page provides a starting point for "waypoints" places of interest in Wisconsin and GPS "tracks" which have been uploaded by club members.

Helpful Stuff
How to Maintain Your ATV Battery

New ATV models no longer come with a kick-starters these days and it is no wonder too because electric starters are more convenient and easier for both kids AND adult ATV users. Except for some ATVs that comes with BOTH electric and kick starts, batteries are usually a necessary item on the ATV. Since electric starters have become the norm on an ATV, it would be best if we learned up a little on how to maintain the ATV battery to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

[Read more...]

Evasive vs Invasive Species
What is the problem with invasive species & ATV riding?

We all need to work together to stop the invasion. Click  here  to help protect the ATV trails, camping and play areas from invasive species taking over!

Survival in the Wilderness
Basic rules if you are lost and alone in the wilderness

Do you know what to do if you are lost and alone in the wilderness? Stop, Think, Observe, and Plan before you go into action.

[Read more...]

Wilderness Tails Encountered
Just riding the trail home…

I’m 19 years old. I lived in a small town in Wisconsin. It was about dusk and I was coming home from my friends house. I had to cross the Railroad tracks to get to the trail that leads to my house. When I got to the tracks I looked to my left and there about 25 yards away I saw a creature completely covered in dark brown hair. It was about 7 ft tall and it was definitely was not a bear. It was standing on 2 legs looking into the brush. It turned to look at me and I took off. I was so scared and booked it home. I don't know exactly what I saw, but from everything I've heard about the Yetti it could have been it. This incident occured about 2 miles north of town. The railroad tracks run right along the highway. Please let me know if there has ever been any other sightings in this area. [VOTE NOW]

[5] Voted Yes [1] Voted No - As to this article being a true tail.

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Tell us where your from! Read what others have said about the club or the website. Leave us a message or suggestion to help us provide you more information. How do you like the club rides? Are we doing a good job or is there something we can do better.

Give us an excuse to torchure our web guys or recreation officers. What can we do to make the sport of ATVism more exciting and fun for you? Click Here!

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patrick in addison, il
great wedbsite!

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